BioRepair-8® Stem Cell Scalp Serum



A few drops of this leave-in serum infuse triple-strength levels

of biotin and copper peptides plus 8 natural scalp fortifiers and our AG-Stem Cell Complex to deliver maximum anti-thinning and age-repair around the clock. Scalp and follicle health is revitalized and restored; hair grows in thicker, fuller, and stronger.

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• 86% of users noticed visibly fuller, thicker results after4 weeks*

• 93% of users said hair was more volumized after 4 weeks*

• Removes dead skin cells, build-up and impurities that impede hair growth

• Stimulates, energizes and exfoliates the scalp

• Strengthens and repairs weak hair from the inside out

• Provides unsurpassed color and heat protection

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