Accent Highlight

An accent foil service places 1-10 foils to highlight the frame of the face.  If you’ve never tried foils before, this would be a great service to get started with and fall in love with what a foil service can do for your hair.


All color prices are subject to change due to length and thickness of hair.  If you are seeking any bright and vibrant colors, a 15 minute free consultation will be required before booking your full service appointment so that appropriate colors will be in stock for your new style.

Contact us for your free consultation.


At Bella Vita Salon, we are focused on maintaining the integrity of our guests hair.  Therefore, our stylists may suggest that multiple visits may be necessary to achieve your dream hair results.


Accent Highlight – $65.00

Accent with full color – $115.00



Color services are not available for online booking. Your hair color needs are important to us and we want to make your time with Bella Vita perfect. Call a spa coordinator at 918-369-8482 during business hours. Schedule Appointment Today