3 Ways to Improve Self-Care in 2020

Self-Care Tips for 2020

3 Ways to Improve Self-Care in 2020

By the time January rolls around, we are all exhausted. After the business of the holiday season, we are even more aware of how necessary it is to take time for a little self-care. However, after the first few weeks of the new year, that resolution to take better care of ourselves fades away into the business of a new season. Today, we wanted to share 3 practical ways to improve your self-care in 2020. 

Make Self-Care a Priority

One of the reasons that self-care practices such as hair care, nails, skin, and massages fall to the wayside is that they are simply not a priority in our busy schedules. This should not be the case! When you allow yourself to set aside time to take care of your own needs, you are more equipped to care for others in return. As the saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup”. Recharge your body and mind with a relaxing service at Bella Vita.

Establish a Self-Care Routine

Whether you are talking about a facial, manicure, or a full-body massage, a one-time visit won’t make a significant difference. In many ways, these self-care practices are like going to the gym. To gain full benefit from any self-care service, you must establish a routine. The new year is the perfect time to do just that! 

Make Standing Appointments for Self-Care

The best way to make sure that you are setting aside ample time for self-care is to schedule standing appointments for your favorite salon or spa service. Is there a day of the month that you always have off work? Make sure you can take care of yourself that day by having an appointment already reserved at Bella Vita!

Standing appointments can be made for any salon or spa service include haircut & color, nail services, facials, and even massages. A standing appointment can always be moved to another day or time. However, it ensures that you have a spot on our schedule at a time that is convenient for you!

Scheduling standing appointments for several months in advance is the most practical way to improve your self-care in 2020. By having a “date with yourself” already on the calendar, you will be less likely to overbook your schedule. 

Make a commitment to yourself now that 2020 will be the year you learn to take better care of your own needs. By doing so, you will enable yourself to better serve the people around you. 

Give us a call today to schedule a relaxing massage and de-stress from the business of the holiday season! Or better yet, prioritize your self-care by making a standing appointment for your favorite salon or spa service at Bella Vita in 2020. You are worth it! 

Self-Care Tips for 2020

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