Bridal Advice from an Esthetician

Bridal Advice from an Esthetician

Bridal Advice from an Esthetician

Are you planning a wedding and need Bridal Advice from an Esthetician? Our estheticians at Bella Vita Spa & Salon are here to help! Today, we will share our favorite services and products and how they help. Additionally, we will provide timelines for best results, last-minute products, and perfect bridal party gifts.

Esthetician-Approved Skin Care for Brides

Bridal Advice from an Esthetician

When trying to achieve that perfectly smooth, glowing skin, it all begins with prep work. This process is not overnight. Our estheticians recommend starting six months out of your ceremony date. That is due to the regenerative process of our skin. And the perfect services to start booking are HydraFacials, Vitamin C treatments, and Dermaplaning.

HydraFacials are the perfect starting point. These facials are designed to help pull out all of those impurities in our skin that arrive through our daily lives. With those toxins out, the regenerative and hydrating process begins.

And if you are looking for a big impact with a quick service, Vitamin C is that. This nutrient will help cure wrinkles and tired skin. In a quick process, a Vitamin C treatment hydrates, reenergizes, and firms our skin cells. Though over the six-month process, we recommend multiple treatments to maintain your healthy skin.

As for your home routine, the focus needs to be on regular exfoliation. With all the dry, crackled, or wrinkly skin removed, we need to keep the new skin well-nourished. That means keeping up a hydration routine. If you have questions about which moisturizer works best for your skin, reach out to our estheticians. We’d be happy to provide a consultation for you. As for non-facial treatments, the same base routine is necessary. Proper exfoliation and hydration helps everywhere.

Esthetician’s Guide for Hair Removal

Hair removal will also help provide that glowing appearance. Not because hair is bad, but because hair removal leaves a smooth surface for makeup application and promotes skin regeneration. It’s also important to note that any waxing should be completed at least 5-7 days before your ceremony. Dermaplaning can be done up to two days prior. Remembering these times will minimize any redness or swelling, leaving you with perfectly smooth skin.

Last Minute Bridal Esthetician Tips

Bridal Advice from an Esthetician

Weddings can be stressful and also a lot of fun. Our estheticians recommend a couple of products to help you recover from these. First off, our collagen eye patches are great for last-minute hydration and dark eye circles. Because of that, they also make great gifts for your bridesmaids.

The same collagen treatment is also found in a full-face mask. These are perfect for any last-minute redness or fine wrinkles. The HydroPeptide mask provides an immediate boost of hydration to your skin, making your skin firmer and more plump. Keeping a few of these on hand for the honeymoon might be a great idea too.

Book Your Bridal Services with our Estheticians

There is a lot of work that goes into starting and maintaining a healthy skin routine. And our estheticians here at Bella Vita Spa and Salon are here for you. Whether you just need that little boost to get going or want us for your whole get-ready plan, we are happy to help make your day special. Our estheticians can also provide you with step-by-step instructions for your at-home routines.

In our boutique, you will find all the products you need to achieve that glowing skin. And we even have some items that would make for great bridesmaids’ gifts. Our estheticians can also answer any question you have on these products.

Services are booked by calling (918) 369-8482, using our online Book Now page, or messaging us on our Spa & Salon Facebook page. We can’t wait to see you at our Tulsa Spa and Salon. And we hope our Bridal Advice from an Esthetician helps make your day truly special!

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