Celebrate With Bella Vita Spa & Salon

Celebrate With Bella Vita Spa & Salon

Graduations are right around the corner, along with Mother’s Day of course.  At Bella Vita Spa & Salon, we want to help you celebrate with your family!

For the Moms

If you happen to be a mother reading this, we want to quickly remind you how important it is to take care of yourself. The saying is true: when mom is happy, then everybody is happy! It takes such a significant amount of time and energy to look after a family, and it seems like mama can sometimes get overlooked. So if you haven’t been able to justify your trip to the spa to get a shiny new manicure, we’re talking to you! We really don’t want you to spend this Mother’s Day feeling worn down and exhausted. Go ahead and add a little self-love into the budget for this month, and your family will thank you for it later! 

At Bella Vita Spa & Salon, We Have a Special Treat Just for You. 

Our “Bella Donna” package features just under four hours of special treatment, and includes everything you’ve been missing out on. ( You can click here to see all the details. ) 

Call up a fellow mom to join you and make your appointments at the spa, because our team at Bella Vita Spa & Salon would absolutely love to pamper you this Mother’s Day!

It’s Almost Graduation Day!

And “Con-grad-ulations” are in order.  Do you know a student who’s worked their tail off to graduate this spring? Well, if you’re looking for the perfect gift to surprise them with, then you’re in the right place. Turns out there is scientific evidence that shows a day at the spa might be exactly what they want! Curious to know more? We recently came across a study explaining that today’s younger generation would prefer a meaningful experience over a material possession. ( You can click here to read more about the report. ) The most valuable gift you could give your new graduate might simply be a day spent with you, enjoying time together and creating lasting memories. We may be biased, but we think our spa is the ideal place to do just that!

Come and Stay Awhile

We’ve put together an all-inclusive package that we call the “Venetian Retreat”.  

This package includes well over two hours of pampering – for just around 100 bucks. As an  affordable option, this might be kind of the stress relief your kiddo has been hoping for. 

( Click here to see everything that’s included. )

Whether you’re looking to give a final toast to graduation, or a quick sabbatical before the big test, Bella Vita Spa & Salon is here to provide a relaxing environment for you and your loved one to celebrate.

Bella Vita Spa and Salon is an upscale, one-stop day spa and salon.

Our staff is well trained to understand and take care of our client’s needs, whatever they may be. From the occasional face mask and pedicure, to frequent visits addressing chronic skin problems, we are prepared to help in any way that we can. 

Thus, if you’re a mom, have a student in college, or are a combination of the two – we want you to leave our spa looking and feeling like the super-woman we believe you are. If you’re just passing by our page and looking for a way to treat yourself – we are here for you too!

Please visit out our website or give us a call for a complete list of all the packages and services we have to offer. You can click here to purchase a gift package for your special someone. 

We hope to see you soon!

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