Fall 2022 Hair Color & Style Trends!

Fall 2022 Hair Color & Style Trends!

Fall 2022 Hair Color & Style Trends!

While the weather isn’t exactly showing it, fall is here! The trees are changing colors and you may be wanting your hair to do the same. But coloring your hair is a big decision! So, here are the Fall 2022 hair color & style trends.

Classic Fall Hair Colors!

If you are wanting to try something new, but prefer a more natural look, then the classics are perfect for you!Fall 2022 Hair Color

A nice, rich, brunette is a fall classic. When it gets darker outside, so does the hair! And you can even pair it with some highlights or an Ombre of a slightly lighter or redder hue.

And speaking of redder, you cannot go wrong with Auburn. It is a bit punchier than brunette. But not so vibrant that you’ll look like the pop-punk early 2000s. It is a very natural look that can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on your day.

Lastly, in the fall, you cannot go wrong with a black base, built up with highlights. These highlights can be very subtle, or they can bring a big pop of color! It all depends on what your style is.

Bring On the Vibrant Fall Colors!

If you love your hair and want it to stand out, then there are some more vibrant options for you.Fall 2022 Hair Color

First is the Mahogany and Copper Balayage. The base of this color will be a bit brighter than the classic Auburn. And you pair this with highlights and lowlights of Copper and either Auburn or a shade of Brunette.

Brunette into a Caramel Ombre is a subtler look that brings a big impact. This style is all about contrast. You can choose your brightness of brunette and then punch it up with light caramel ends. Just remember, the darker the brunette, the more impact the Caramel will have!

And we will finish off the vibrant list with Burgundy. This shade is on a similar brightness level to Auburn. But instead of leaning more orangey-red, it’s tinted purple. Pair this with some highlights and lowlights, and you will have a pop of color that fits right into the fall vibes!

Fall Hair Styles!

Fall is a very whimsical time of the year. It makes us think of our favorite fantasy or fairytale stories. So, embrace that in your hairstyle!

We will start this list with traditional curly hair. This is a fall classic! The curls can be loose, almost waterfall-esque, or tight and lifting curl. This hairstyle is a great way to dress up your new fall hair color as well.

And we cannot forget about the braids! There are so many varying forms and styles of braids. Luckily, you have the whole season to try out different styles! Or, you can always book a service with our stylists to help you out. And don’t forget about some of the add-ins you can include in your braids. Like we said, get whimsical!

Book Your Fall 2022 Hair Color & Style Service!

There are so many different variants to these trends that you can do. And if you aren’t sure which is best for your specific hair, our stylists would love to have a consultation with you. Or if you’d like to have your hair professionally styled, we are here for you! And to help you get started with your fall hairstyle, we have a deal for you.

For the entire month of October, you will get a FREE deep conditioner when you book any Color Service. You will need to mention this coupon when booking so our stylists have adequate time for your free service. So, not only will you get the Fall 2022 hair color and style trends you’re looking for. But you will also get a free deep conditioner to revitalize your hair after the summer’s sun has taken its toll.

To book your service, you can use our online booking system, call (918) 369-8482, or send us a message on our Bella Vita Facebook page!

We hope you all have a great fall season, and cannot wait to have you in for your Fall 2022 Hair Color & Style Trends!

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