Holiday Health and Positivity

Holiday Health and Positivity

The holiday season is here, and that can take a lot out of us. Whether it is planning for travel, separate family gatherings, or making sure the young ones have a great experience. While it is a great time of year, we must remember to take care of ourselves too. So, let’s talk about how we can stay healthy and maintain a positive attitude during this fun, yet stressful, season.

How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Staying healthy during the holiday season can be very difficult. There are a bunch of tempting foods that can make us feel sluggish, but wow are they delicious! And then there’s the stress and anxiety that can affect our mental health as well. But don’t worry, there are plenty of things you can do to help both your physical and mental health, during the holidays.

Let’s start with our mental health first, as that can greatly impact the decisions we make for our physical health. The main thing you have to focus on is your stress and anxiety points. If you can isolate what is causing your drain or even anger, the quicker you can react to fixing that problem. And it is never a selfish thing to put your mental health first.Bella Vita Holiday Health Tips

So, let’s talk about what we can do to boost our mental health, or recover from mental strain. The number one thing you can do is breathe. That might mean you need to step into another room, step outside and get some fresh air, or go enjoy a hobby that you love. Some alone time can do us wonders. You can even take this a step forward and start a meditation routine. Find a time, or multiple times, a day that you have free, and find a nice, quiet place to sit.

As for your physical health, there are plenty of things you can add to your holiday season, or even try to avoid. Unfortunately, if you are a foodie, this can be a dangerous season. There are so many delicious treats and goodies that are iconic of this time. But you should not stress about having to avoid these treats. Eat them in moderation, and add a little extra movement to your routine.

A great way you can do this is to have a family walk after your holiday feasts. It’s a great activity to not only work off some of those carbs but can also bring the family together for a nice activity. You can also add some yoga to your mental health meditation. Yoga has been shown to not only help with physical health but mental as well.

And one of Bella Vita Spa & Salon’s favorite holiday health boosts is to come in and see us! You are always welcome to come vent to our nail techs, work out that physical and mental stress with our massage therapists, or try out that new season hairstyle you have always wanted to do!

Fortunately, these are many of our clients’ favorite ways to relax as well. So, appointments are filling up! If you’d like a little relaxation and pampering during the holidays, act quick! Get on our books and let’s enjoy a little you time. You can call our fantastic spa coordinators, or you can even use our online appointment system.

Enjoy Your Holiday Season

The whole point of this season is to be surrounded by family and friends and to celebrate. Let’s be grateful for those around us, and all the great things we experienced this year. It has had its bumps and bruises, but let’s raise our mental health with a bit more focus on the good.

We wish you all a happy holiday season and hope we will get to see you all soon. We would love to hear what you like to do to boost your mental health and stay physically well during the holidays, too. So, if you’d like to share, please reach out to us on our Bella Vita social media!

Happy Holidays!

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