New HydroPeptide Line

New HydroPeptide Line

HydroPeptide Anti-Wrinkle + Detox Collection –

The research is clear. Pollutants, debris, free-radicals and blue light from cell phones and computers definitely damage the health of your skin, increase inflammation and accelerate the signs of aging. This detoxifying collection clears away buildup, deeply purifies, repairs, replenishes and protects your skin while strengthening it’s environmental defenses. If you find you’re noticing breakouts, congestion, dull or lifeless skin when you didn’t have those issues in the past, this detox collection is definitely right for you.

HydroPeptide HydroActive Cleanse –

Hydrating Micellar cleansing cloths are lightly textured cloths that whisk away pollution and makeup while gently cleansing and purifying the skin. Micellar and activated water merge with moisture-balancing peptides to provide hydration while removing visible and invisible residues. Nourishing antioxidants help protect against free-radical damage while botanicals brighten for a healthy glow.
*Conveniently cleanses skin and helps dislodge excess dirt and oil
* Hydrates and locks in moisture
*Protects and nourishes the skin
$20.00/pack of 30

HydroPeptide Bambusa Blackhead Banisher –

Next generation pore cleansing and refining nose strips with skin soothing ingredients. This specially formulated blackhead-clearing strip is infused with charcoal, antibacterial volcanic ash, and antioxidant-rich bamboo extract to gently and effectively reduce the look of pores around the nose. The pore-refining strips are uniquely shaped to be used on the nose, forehead and chin.
*Smooths uneven roughness to the skin
*Helps clear pores and prevent future skin congestion
*Nourishes the skin
$22.00/pack of 8

HydroPeptide Somnifera Root Mist –

The HydroPeptide Somnifera Root Mist is a hydrating, soothing and pollution-blocking skin mist. This refreshing mist powerfully protects against damaging blue light and atmospheric pollution. It is formulated with HydrO18 Activated Water. This hydrating and protecting spray replenishes lost moisture, and revives the look of skin over or under makeup. Somnifera Root Mist can be reapplied throughout the day.
* Helps to protect against blue light and pollution
* Hydrates and locks in moisture
* Soothes and smooths
3.4 oz. $48.00

HydroPeptide HydraFlora Probiotic Essence –

A pore-perfecting essence rich in pre- and probiotic nutrients to keep skin balanced and glowing. A rich blend of botanical extracts packed with potent antioxidants brightens, as well as protects the skin from free-radical damage. This is wonderful for those struggling with dullness, hyperpigmentation and aging skin. It can be used in place of a correcting serum or in addition to the serum. This essence is to be used after your toner, as well as exfoliation and mask, if applicable.
* Hydrates the skin while optimizing ph and keeping microflora balanced
* Nourishes the skin with potent antioxidants to brighten and protect against pollution
* Combines natural astringents to detoxify the skin
4 oz. $68.00


Bella Vita now offers the Balancing Detox Facial, using both the Somnifer Root Mist, HydraFlora Probiotic Essence as well adding a Honey Tri-Zyme Peel and Nordic Detox Mask. With an intensity level of “medium”, your skin will be ph balanced, brightened, and replenished of lost hydration. Remember those blue lights from the cell phone and computers you use? The damage they’ve caused to your skin will be addressed with potent anti-oxidants that will leave your skin protected. Ask your Esthetician how you can further protect your skin from these man-made issues.
Approx 60 minutes $ 90.00

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