New Year New Spa Services

New Year New Spa Services

New Year New Spa Services

Welcome, to 2023, a new year that brings some new spa services to the best spa and salon in Tulsa, Bella Vita! We are very excited to offer you new services and to add a modern tool to our esthetician’s arsenal. TheraBody offers several wellness tools, but as a Tulsa Spa, we are focusing on their TheraFace products. The two we will be adding are the LED Light Ring and the Percussion Therapy attachment.

Percussive & Infrared Spa Services

New Year New Spa ServicesBoth of these products offer their distinct benefits. But they also make for a great tag team. But how about we start by introducing each first?

The Percussion attachment is all about relaxation. Who doesn’t like a calming massage, right? But it does more than simply help you relax. The Flat, Cone and Micro-point attachments are each uniquely designed to gently relieve tension and increase circulation of the face, neck, and chest. So, if you struggle with facial, jaw, neck, and head tension, this will provide tremendous relief.

As for the LED Light Ring, this tool provides many health and rejuvenating benefits. The red and infrared light works wonders on wrinkles, with the infrared also reducing pain (temporarily). And if you need help getting rid of pesky acne, you’ll want the blue light. And the LED Light Ring does all three!

When you combine these tools, you are looking at an esthetician’s dream! And we proudly offer them to you as an Add-On service to any of your favorite Bella Vita Facial Services.

Booking Your Spa Services

These TheraFace services  are sold as an Add-On to our current list of facial services. You will have the option to add these individually, or all together. That way, we can provide you with the exact service you want.

We are updating our online service menu with the new prices of these add-ons. So, be sure to check those out! And if you aren’t sure which product would provide the services you seek, feel free to ask our estheticians! They are the experts and can get you well on your way to a healthy 2023.

To book appointments, you can use our online booking system, call us at (918) 369-8482, or even reach out to us on our Tulsa Spa Facebook page. Welcome to 2023 and welcome TheraFace to Bella Vita Spa & Salon!

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