Should I Be Deep Conditioning?

Should I Be Deep Conditioning?

Should I Be Deep Conditioning?

Should I Be Deep Conditioning?

Deep Conditioning has been around for many, many years. And the reason that this hair care routine has stuck around is that it produces some great results. Plus, it is a natural way to strengthen and build healthy hair.

How to Deep Condition

Any stylist can do Deep Conditioning, but going to our Tulsa Salon will mean you are getting the best products to produce the best results. You can Deep Condition weekly, bi-weekly, or however often you would like (just not daily)! But remember, the more often you do it and the longer you let it sit, the more the conditioner has a chance to penetrate your hair strands, treat and repair damaged hair.

Perks of Deep Conditioning

We tend to put our hair through a lot. Whether it be through manipulations of washing, styling, detangling, coloring, you name it! And the best way to make sure that your hair stays looking and feeling healthy is by deep conditioning. Just call your Tulsa salon and book your appointment.

Should I Be Deep Conditioning?Prevents Damage – Deep Conditioning contributes to reducing breakage and split ends, thus improving your hair’s health. Even if you think your hair is healthy, incorporating deep conditioning sessions into your routine will ensure your hair is and stays healthy.

Promotes Elasticity – Dry and brittle hair can easily break with tension. To prevent breaking, your hair needs to be well-nourished, strengthened, and moisturized—all aspects of Deep Conditioning.

Restores Natural Shine – We have all seen hair on TV or social media and wished ours shined like that. Well, it can, and it can be done naturally! Over time, hair can accumulate build-up from our surroundings and the products we apply. Deep Conditioning penetrates the hair shaft, helping to restore the natural shine.

Helps Color-Treated Hair – In between color-treatments at our Tulsa salon, deep conditioning can help restore your hair’s health. Having Color-treatments done can take a toll on your hair, as it is a chemical process. If done too regularly without deep conditioning, that process can lead to dryness and brittle hair. Avoid this by incorporating deep conditioning into your color-treatment routine.

Adds Moisture – Obviously, moisture is key to healthy hair. If you struggle with a dry, itchy scalp, or even dandruff, deep conditioning can significantly help. If your hair is not moisturized, it will dry out and break easily.

Deep Conditioning Tips

Deep Conditioning is excellent, but you probably have questions about it! So, we have compiled some frequently asked questions and our answers. Of course, if we miss any of your questions here, you can always contact or amazing stylists at our Tulsa Salon.

  • Deep Condition your hair regularly, but not daily.
  • Make sure that you-re not over conditioning your hair.
  • If you do it yourself, use heat when deep conditioning (This will help the conditioner penetrate your hair shaft).
  • If you do it yourself, make sure to blot off excess water in your hair. Too wet of hair will cause the conditioner to slide off and won’t penetrate.
  • If you do it yourself, rinse your hair with cool water. This will close the hair cuticle and keep the moisture in your hair.


If you have any questions about deep conditioning or would like to book a service at our Tulsa Salon, you can reach us at 918-369-8482, or head over to! We would love to help you with all your Salon needs.

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