Small Pricing Update on Our Spa & Salon Services

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Small Pricing Update on Our Spa & Salon Services

Unfortunately, we live in a world right now where the cost of everything is going up. And the unfortunate side of that is that as service providers, we have to adjust our pricing as well. Our goal at Bella Vita Spa & Salon has always been to provide our fantastic community with affordable relaxation and pampering. And we will continue to do that.

To meet both the rising costs and our goal here, we will be modestly raising some of the prices on our spa & salon services. But with this increase, you will keep getting the best of the best products and services available. We will never sacrifice the quality of our services to meet pricing. Our quality is what influenced our community to vote us “Best of the Best” every year since we opened.

A word from one of the Spa & Salon Owners

“Our goal at Bella Vita has always been to make our clients feel pampered in affordable luxury.

Over the years, we’ve been able to keep our prices steady, but with the world and nationwide events the past couple of years, we find the need for a modest increase in pricing. The rising cost of supplies, products, shipping costs, etc., have forced us to make this decision. We want to continue to bring you quality products and services, and regrettably, a price increase is necessary to do so.

Our promise to serve you and your families to the best of our ability will continue to be our top priority. We look forward to seeing you soon, and continuing our friendly and loving service to our clients and the Tulsa area communities.” – Lee Behling

New Spa Services with Price Increase

This price increase isn’t all sad news, there is also some great news! With the price increase, we will be upgrading one of our facial services. The HydraFacial will be utilizing their brand new machine that is better and more effective than the last, and that I saying something!
If you are interested in learning more about the new machine and the services utilized by it, check out the videos below!

New Spa & Salon Pricing Menu

So, you are probably wondering, what is the new pricing for your favorite services. Well, we have designed a new menu that gives all the information on the services we offer, what they include, and the new pricing for said service.

Bella Vita Spa & Salon Pricing
If you have any further questions about the price changes, or about our services in general, please contact us! You can reach us at (918) 369-8482, or you can message us on our Bella Vita Spa & Salon Facebook page.

Continued Great Service at Your Favorite Spa & Salon

Unfortunately, we have had to increase our prices, but we will never sacrifice quality. And with the price increase, we will maintain and even improve the tremendous quality we offer here, at Bella Vita. We love you all, and can’t wait to have you in for your next appointment.

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