Spring Nail Trends at The Tulsa Spa

Spring Nail Trends at The Tulsa Spa

While the weather has been all over the place, we are just around the corner from Spring! And warmer weather means it’s time to take care of our nails. Who’s down for a Mani Pedi at the best Tulsa Spa!? We have the down low on all the Spring Nail Trends.

What Are the 2023 Spring Nail Trends?

Spring brings a big difference in trends, when compared to winter. Winter was all about the dark, moody, and flat colors. But with Spring, it’s the opposite! Just like nature, we are blooming out of our winter shells. And that means bright, light, and colorful!

Dainty French – French nails have always been a favorite for those who like a simple look. But we are changing it up and going even more natural. The Dainty French nail is extrememly similar to the traditional style, with a slight change. The tip is just thinner! These tips can be white or a playful color! Then the whole nail is covered in a clear polish.

Chrome – If you are more opposite and like a flashy nail, chrome is perfect! Chrome polish will catch just about any light and shine bright! Chrome polish is not just in the traditional silver but can be any shade and hue. It is basically like a glitter finish!

Simple Designs – If you like nails with a design, this Spring’s trend is simple designs like stripes. Choose your two favorite colors and we’ll paint your design! Polka-dots are also a perfect option for Spring! Just remember to use some light and bright colors!

Light & Bright – Can you sense a theme? Spring is all about light and bright! If you like a simple one-color nail, we recommend a bright pastel or a flashy neon. Just remember, the color has to be standout while not being moody. We’re breaking out of our shells & enjoying the change of season!

Farm House Fresh at The Tulsa Spa!

A great companion for bright and light is fresh! And Bella Vita Spa & Salon uses FarmHouse Fresh products in our Mani and Pedi’s! FarmHouse Fresh products are all made in the USA, using natural ingredients grown on their farms. They are parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, and fragrance phthalates free!

We use their Sweet Cream Salt Scrub on all our Mani Pedi’s. We also have their Agave Oil & Honey Heel Glaze, used in our Signature Spa Pedicures.Tulsa Spa

Book Your Mani Pedi’s at The Tulsa Spa!

We make booking super easy at our Tulsa Spa! You have multiple options. You can always call (918) 369-8482. You can message us on our Tulsa Spa Facebook Page. And lastly, you can use our online booking system. The online booking system is also great for setting up your recurring visits! Book them well in advance and never miss out!

We cannot wait to see you this Spring and help you get your nails ready to show off! Happy Spring from your favorite Tulsa Spa!

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