Spring Time Spa & Salon Favorites

Spring Time Spa & Salon Favorites

Spring Time Spa & Salon Favorites

May marks the start of a lot of events in our lives. Mother’s Day is a big one, as well as graduations. I mean, it’s spring! The flowers are blooming and the weather, for the most part, is the best of the year. And that is what makes this a huge wedding season. So, no matter the event, come get ready at your favorite spa & salon!

Great Spring Time Services

At Bella Vita Spa & Salon, we provide a wide array of services. And many of those are a great way to get into spring. Whether they are for getting ready or recovering from the spring time events. So, in this article we will cover some of the big ones. You can always check out our Spa service page and Salon service page to see all of them.

Spring Time in the Salon

As we all know, spring comes after winter. And these two seasons definitely have their own styles and trends. One of the biggest being hair color. In the winter, darker shades are huge! But in the spring, we lighten up like the beautiful nature around us.

Spring Time Spa & Salon Favorites

At Bella Vita Spa & Salon, our stylists are highly skilled in hair color. Whether it is a full color, highlights, or the latest trends. And you can even pair your new color with a new hair style. It’s spring time, which means it’s time to bloom!

Our color services are as follows:

  • Color Trend – $150+
  • Accent Highlights – $55
  • Full Color – $75
  • Partial Foil – $85
  • Full Foil – $110
  • & Corrective Color – By Quote Only


And you can find out a bit more about each of these services via our services page! If your service requires a quote, please call us at (918) 369-8482. We will get you setup with a consultation with one of our stylists!

Another amazing spring service for your hair, is our Deep Conditioning. The winter trends to really dry out our skin and our hair. A great way to bounce back, is with a deep conditioning. This service acts a bit like an add-on to a style service. That being $20 for the deep conditioning with the purchase of a style service.

Spring Time in the Spa

Starting where we left off in the Salon, getting our body rehydrated after the dry winter, is vital. And luckily, we have a couple ways to help you do just that! We offer a variety of Facials, Body Treatments, and even Massages that will help with hydration. And with all the important spring events coming, these are perfect!

We offer nine different Facials at Bella Vita Spa & Salon. And of those nine, some have add-ons you can select as well. But today we will be highlighting one of the nine. In terms of rehydrating after winter, you cannot go wrong with a Moisture Miracle Facial.

The Moisture Miracle Facial is all about restoring your skin to its proper health and hydration. The products we use will deeply infuse your skin with restorative hydration. After your service, your face will feel soft and well-nourished. This service is also known for softening any fine line sand wrinkles. The total service time is about 75-minutes, and runs as $110.

Spring Time Spa & Salon Favorites

As for our Body Treatments, we offer three fantastic options with a possible add-on of a 30-minute Swedish Massage. And while all will help with hydration, a great option is our Orange Blossom Body Facial!

During this 50-minute service, your body will be exfoliated and polished with an aromatic Mandarin Orange scrub. During this will remove the dry, dead skin. From there, we follow up with an Orange Blossom Aromatherapy Mist and Vanilla Bean Lotion that moisturizes and leaves you glowing. And as mentioned above, you can also add on a 30-minute Swedish massage for $115.

Lastly, I would recommend any of our massages to help recover from the stress and wear that all these events can bring. And if you forgot to give the mother in your life a gift… Just tell them you were waiting for an opening.

Book Your Spring Spa & Salon Services!

No matter what your spring calendar looks like, be sure to add a little You-Time in there. Come on in and get yourself one of these amazing services. All of our service technicians at Bella Vita are top-notch. And if you have any questions about these services, our Spa coordinators would love to help you out.

You can reach us via the phone, at (918) 369-8482, on our Spa & Salon Facebook page. If you know exactly what you want, you can also book your services on our online booking system. We have some very popular services. So, some books may be full. To ensure you get in when you need, book in advance! We always recommend to book two-three weeks prior. And if you love it, book your next service while here!

We hope you have a great spring, full of happy and beautiful events. And if you need help getting ready or relaxing after they are all said and done, we can’t wait to see you.


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