Stuffy Nose? Help is here

Stuffy Nose? Help is here

Clear My Head To Go

Convenient liquid roll-on version of Clear My Head Herbal Inhalation.

  • Economical & Convenient roll-on ensures you’ll get the RIGHT amount every time
  • All natural, effective ingredients
  • Apply to sinus areas as needed
  • Quick relief for congestion
  • Boosts the immune system
  • .35 ounces of quality Jojoba oil and pure essential oils
  • Long shelf life, will not go rancid

What do the essential oils do?

Sinusitis most often develops after a cold (a viral infection) and may improve on its own with home treatment. More than half of sinus infections improve on their own, but sometimes they develop into a bacterial infection. Swelling, inflammation, and mucus production caused by the cold can lead to blockage in the nasal passages, which may encourage the growth of bacteria. The powerful essential oils in Clear My Head can help kill both viruses and bacteria – keeping a secondary (the yellow and green mucus) less likely.

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