The Best Way to Refuel and Keep up your New Year’s Resolutions

The Best Way to Refuel and Keep up your New Year’s Resolutions

Invest in yourself with self-care

If you need some fresh motivation to complete the resolutions you made last month, or if you’re looking for a way to perform better at work and at home, it’s time for you to get started on a consistent self-care routine. We want you to achieve your goals, so we took the time to gather some information explaining why this is such an important practice for your health.

Benefits of Self Care

We are more resilient to the ever-changing environment around us, and more capable of handling the stress that life dishes our way when we feel our best both physically and emotionally.  How can we achieve this?  The answer is simple: take a little time to make self-care a priority.  

Setting even just one hour aside to invest in your well being will actually help you get more done by giving your body the opportunity it needs to relax. We have so much going on these days- our family, our jobs, and our social lives. If your body doesn’t get a chance to unwind, that stress builds up with nowhere to go. Stress will inhibit your focus and prevent you from giving your best effort to accomplish your goals. So slowing down and relaxing should be number one on your list of things to do! 

Relax your way into productivity

When your body reaches that blissful point of relaxation, it responds by regulating your blood pressure, heart rate, digestion, and hormone levels.  Creating a self-care routine that includes just one hour of relaxation, can help your body return to an overall healthy and balanced state.  This is one of the healthiest habits you can create for yourself.   Multiple studies show that the healthier a person is, the more productive they are in their workspace!  Click here to read more about these studies.  If you really want to complete your resolutions and get more done, make the time for self-care.

Relaxing and taking care of yourself by putting personal time aside will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your body and mind.  By encouraging positivity, boosting self-confidence, and recharging your energy, you’ll be on track to getting those resolutions finished in no time.


Schedule a monthly appointment

Make things easy by setting up a date with yourself at the same time every month so you always have something to look forward to! At BellaVita Spa and Salon we offer a variety of different packages and treatments to create a customized spa day for you that matches your needs. Select from options such as a 90-minute massage with fragrant lotion, hot tea and a soothing neck wrap to accompany your facial, manicures and pedicures, or hair treatments from one of our expert stylists. 

We want to help you feel your best and your self-care is just a phone call away. Click here to get in touch with us, we’d love to take care of you.



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