Top 3 Tried and True Hair Removal Techniques 

Top 3 Tried and True Hair Removal Techniques 

Warm weather is upon us and the beach is calling!

Some will opt to allow mother nature to take its course on their body hair this summer.  While others prefer not to leave one single strand un-plucked any lower than their eyelashes. To groom one’s femininity is a personal choice so, whether you’re going au naturel or simply cannot stand even a little fuzz, we aren’t here to judge your decision. However, when it comes to removing unwanted hair we believe that some ways will always stand superior among the rest. 

Here are the top 3 “tried and true” hair removal techniques to utilize this summer, along with a few tips to help you level up from stubble to smoother than butter.

1. Shave

There is a reason shaving is one of the most popular methods of hair removal, boasting a total revenue of over 3 billion dollars in razorblade sales in 2018.  Quick, simple, and affordable, this a zero fuss technique for a busy woman on the go. 

Our Tip: Keep your razors sharp. Some women give up on this method after suffering from burns and bumps because of a dull blade. You can prevent dulling by avoiding dry-shaving and using moisturizers to keep your hairs soft. 

2. Cream

Creams are often utilized because they are incredibly effective. A powerful alkaline based product is applied directly to the unwanted hair and then removed usually in under 10 breezy minutes. This is such an easy process, but don’t forget to read the instructions on the label because each cream is a little bit different.

Our Tip: Pay attention to the way you feel.  It’s easy to throw in the towel after a seriously bad experience using depilatories, but that might not be necessary. If you have ever felt a burning sensation while using your cream, your skin could have been sensitive to just one of the many ingredients. There is a wide array of options on the market, so clean up with some cool water and try again. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover a cream that your skin responds well to.

3. Wax

A long-standing favorite because of its amazingly long-lasting results, waxing is absolutely one of the best and most efficient hair removal techniques. A successful wax administered by one of our expert estheticians can last as long as 8 weeks so you hardly have to give it a second thought. 

Our Tip: Preparation is the key. The evening before your appointment, gently exfoliate around the area you will be waxing. This helps loosen hairs from the root for a smoother finish. There should be around half an inch of hair growth for optimum removal.

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Whichever technique you’re mastering, we hope you enjoy the extra sunshine this summer.

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