Top Three Benefits of Cupping Massage

Cupping Massage

Top Three Benefits of Cupping Massage

It is with so much excitement that we announce our newest spa service at Bella Vita, the cupping massage! There are many reasons why we are excited to add the cupping massage to our service menu. The most prominent being the many incredible benefits that this type of massage offers! Today, we are going to introduce you to cupping massage and a few of the benefits it provides.

What is Cupping Massage? 

Cupping isn’t a new massage technique. In fact, it can be traced back to its ancient roots in several cultures including those of the Chinese & Egyptians. Professional athletes and celebrities have been benefiting from cupping massage for years now. The benefits of cupping massage are hard to deny. This type of massage uses special cups (which are typically glass or silicone) to circulate blood and energy through your body in a way that wouldn’t happen naturally. 

Increased blood flow through cupping reduces both muscle tension and inflammation. It also greatly improves blood circulation which is beneficial for numerous reasons. Many people compare both the benefits and the overall experience of cupping massage to a deep-tissue massage. 

Cupping Massage Treats Pain

The primary benefit of cupping massage is to treat pain. Chronic stress is something that everyone struggles with at one point or another, especially in a time of life that finds us bent over computer desks for most of the day. This type of stress often manifests itself by causing physical pain and tense muscles. Pain caused by stress leads to intense back pain and even migraine headaches unless you address it routinely.

Cupping Massage Relieves Tension

Cupping massage is commonly referred to as a type of “reverse massage”. In traditional massage, the muscles are manipulated by applying pressure to them in a downward motion. During a cupping massage, the pressure created by the cups pulls the skin, tissue, and muscle upwards. This type of muscle manipulation is often incredibly relaxing. It also relieves muscle tension throughout the body.

Cupping Massage Improves Circulation

Because cupping massage greatly improves blood circulation, it also positively impacts various other related systems of the body. The improved circulation provides a “detoxifying” effect to the skin as new blood flows through the veins and arteries throughout the body. Many people who receive cupping massage on a regular basis also see an improvement in both skin color and clarity. 

The increased circulation provided as a result of cupping massage can even improve your digestive system, reducing bloating and indigestion. Beyond the immediate effects of increased circulation, better blood flow improves your overall health in the long run.

Cupping massage is becoming increasingly popular as more people experience the benefits listed above. Although the cupping process may seem odd at first, the benefits make this massage one that everyone can benefit from! Besides providing a relaxing experience, cupping massage will also relieve tension, treat pain caused by chronic stress, and improve circulation throughout your entire body. Call us today to schedule your first cupping massage!

Cupping Massage

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