Valentines At The Tulsa Spa & Salon!

Tulsa Spa & Salon

Valentines At The Tulsa Spa & Salon!

It is not too late to book your Valentine’s Day spa treatments or buy the perfect gift for your valentine. Bella Vita is the Tulsa Spa & Salon to be at, come February 14th! Our Amore Package is perfect for couples looking for a day of relaxation. Or, if you’re unsure what to get your valentine, a gift card!

The Perfect Spa & Salon Valentines Package

Tulsa Spa & Salon

Bella Vita’s Amore Package is approximately four hours long. The cost is $297.00 per person, with couples paying $10 per person extra. The Amore Package includes four relaxation and pampering services!

The first spa service is our Hot Stone 60-minute massage. This service includes our Basalt Stones, heated to perfection! The combination of heated stones and our Swedish Massage promotes healing and relaxes the muscles. After the Hot Stone Massage, we move to our esthetician’s room for a 75-minute Moisture Miracle Facial. 

The Moisture Miracle Facial service restores moisture in the skin, repairs dry skin, and provides the nutrients needed to stay properly hydrated. This facial uses a luxurious facial cream infused with deep restorative properties. We chose this product because it leaves the skin feeling soft, nourished, and renewed. It is also great at reducing fine lines and wrinkles. With the facial wrapped up, we move to the nail room. 

First is our 45-minute Classic Manicure. Our Classic service begins with exfoliation and a relaxing hand massage. We then detail your nails and finish with a polish of your choosing.

The final service is Bella Vita Spa & Salon’s 45-minute Classic Pedicure, with Lunch. You can choose from any of the tasty restaurants around us. We will have it delivered or a spa coordinator will pick it up. As for the pedicure, we will start by soaking and exfoliating. After that, we relax your feet with more massage. Then we move to shaping and detailing your nails. And we finish your Amore Package with a polish of your choosing!

Another Valentine’s Day Gift Option

If the Amore Package isn’t what you’re looking for, our Tulsa Spa & Salon offers many other options. And no matter what you choose, all make a great Valentine’s Day gift! In our spa, we provide nail care, massages,  facial and more! Over on the salon side, our stylists provide amazing color services, hair treatments, cuts, and styles. Be sure to check out our service pages for more detail!

If you’re looking for nail services, check out our February coupon! Any new client can get a free upgrade from our Classic Manicure to a Signature Spa Manicure. The Signature Spa Manicure uses hydrating ampoules, enzymes, and a mask, to reveal new hands! It is then finished with your pick of any of our fantastic OPI nail polish. This service takes about 50-minutes.

There is a lot to choose from at our Tulsa Spa & Salon. If you’re unsure what you want, a gift card is always great! Whomever you gift it to can choose the perfect service for their self. And you can even purchase an item from our boutique to pair with the card! You can also buy Gift Cards online! Gift cards may be used for a service or any of our wonderful boutique items.

Book Your Valentine’s Day Spa & Salon Services!

Services at Bella Vita Spa & Salon can be book by calling (918) 369-8482, using our online Book Now page, or messaging us on our Tulsa Spa & Salon Facebook page. We hope you enjoy a relaxing day at our Tulsa Spa & Salon! We provide the best of services for you, you & your partner, or just your partner. Perfect for getting them out of the house. If you have questions about the Amore Package or our other services, please reach out! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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