Why Wait for a Holiday? 10 Great Excuses to Give Gifts Anytime

Why Wait for a Holiday? 10 Great Excuses to Give Gifts Anytime

Why Wait for a Holiday?

Winter holidays, especially Christmas, are a time for gift-giving. According to a Gallup survey, this year American adults estimate that they will spend approximately $885 on holiday gifts. But why wait for a holiday to give gifts? Unexpected gifts are often the most cherished. Here are our top 10 great excuses to give gifts anytime.

1. Just because

This one may be the best of all, so we want to start by giving you permission to do this. It’s okay–no, it’s awesome–to give someone a gift for no other reason than that you were thinking of them. In fact, this can be one of the most meaningful to the recipient. How special do you feel when someone does something for you “just because?”

2. When someone has completed a busy season

This can be a great one for Pastors, teachers, students, accountants, or others whose work has particularly busy seasons. Or maybe you just observe that a friend has been working extra hard on a project. Help them celebrate with a gift. It lets them know you are aware of their life and can provide a great excuse for them to vent about the season they’ve just completed.

3. When someone is entering a busy season

Students getting ready for finals or entering grad school, accountants getting ready for tax season, coaches about to begin their season…you get the point. Same rules apply. This lets someone know they’re not alone and that they have your support as they get ready for what’s coming.

4. Welcome home

Maybe you can’t be at the airport when someone returns home. However, you can let them know you’re glad they’re back with a thoughtful gift.

5. Welcome to the neighborhood

Neighborhood welcome gifts have enjoyed varying levels of popularity through the years. Many Americans have become less connected to their neighbors because of safety concerns. However, statistics show that neighborhoods where residents know one another are the safest. We happen to think the old tradition of welcome gifts needs to live on!

6. Going away

This is a great one for church small groups, bunko groups, or friend groups. If someone is moving away, make a big deal about it. Throw a party, give gifts, and show them how much you’ll miss them.

7. Significant life events

When someone becomes an empty-nester, changes jobs, divorces, starts a business, or any other significant life event, a gift can be very appropriate. Whether the event is positive or negative, a gift says “I’m with you. You mean something to me.”

8. Thanks

Lots of people help us in our lives. If you travel often, how much do you appreciate a great travel agent? How about your insurance agent? How grateful are you for your Pastor, or your kids’ teachers or coaches? Maybe there’s a particular co-worker who has been especially helpful or self-sacrificing. Saying thanks to these people is meaningful and important, but how much more would a simple gift express your gratitude?

9. Relationship repair

We all do it. We open our mouths when we shouldn’t, or we misunderstand one another. Maybe you’re like me and you forget meetings or important dates. For one reason or another, all of us need to apologize on occasion. A gift can be a great way to say “I’m sorry.” Perhaps you sense that a relationship is strained and you really don’t know why. A gift that just says, “I’m here and I care” can be a great way to reopen lines of communication.

10. When you want to feel great

Let’s face it, the best thing about giving is that it makes you feel amazing! That’s why we wrote this article in the first place. We know that it’s better to give than to receive. So if you’re feeling down, or if you just want to have a great day, there’s your best excuse. Just do it. Give someone a simple gift, and enjoy the greatest feeling in the world!

Bonus: the perfect gift

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