Yes, Bella Vita Spa & Salon is for Fathers Too!

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Yes, Bella Vita Spa & Salon is for Fathers Too!

Coming on June 20th, 2021, is Father’s Day! And you can gift your dad a very similar gift to what you gave your mom on Mother’s Day. Bella Vita Spa & Salon is for everyone! So, no need to think hard about what to get dad for his special day.

Men’s Services at Bella Vita Spa & Salon

Spa & Salon

There is nothing wrong with a bit of pampering and relaxation, even for the men we know and love. That’s why we have created services just for them! You can find our Men’s services in both our Spa and our Salon side. So, how about we start with the Spa side!

One of the favorite services we offer on the Spa side is our massages. Who doesn’t like a massage? And if you want to get them out of the house for a bit, we’d recommend either the Swedish, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Full Body Balance, or Reflexology. But if you’d like to join them for some relaxation too, our couples massage is the perfect gift!

We also offer a Men’s Facial and a Gentleman’s Manicure & Pedicure for other Men’s-specific services. The Men’s Facial consists of deep cleansing and moisturizing with added massage for extra relaxation. A Gentleman’s Manicure includes nail trimming and shaping, cuticle care, hydrating, and massaging of the hands. Our Gentleman’s Pedicure consists of an aroma essence soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, followed by oil based salt scrub to resurface and smooth your skin; finished with nourishing towel wraps and a finishing nail buff or coat.

On the Salon side, we have the Men’s Cut. However, we know that sometimes even guys like a new hairstyle or color. After all, they are the reason Frosted Tips became a thing! So, all of the Salon options are available, and we greatly encourage it! Try something you have always wanted, get a new color, deep condition that 4-in-1 hair, or even get a perm! The country is just opening up again. There is no judgment, have fun!

And the same goes for our Spa side. Fathers don’t need Men’s or Gentleman’s services. Anyone and everyone are welcome to whatever service they’d like! We want everyone to feel welcome at our Spa & Salon.

Father’s Day Gift Cards for Bella Vita Spa & Salon

If you aren’t sure what dad would want, another great gift is a gift card. He can use it for himself and get an excellent service, or he can use it to try to get out of the dog house one day. Whatever he wants to do, he can!

You can come to our Spa & Salon and buy a gift card from our Spa Coordinator, or you can use our online gift card system! And if you’re in the store, take a look around our boutique area. You can combine the gift card with a new pair of slippers to replace the ones he’s owned since before you were born! Or you can get him any of the other fantastic items we have.

Happy Father’s Day, From Bella Vita Spa & Salon

Thank all of you fathers out there who have been there and loved your family unconditionally. It’s never an easy job, but one of the most rewarding. So, take this day! Enjoy your celebration and get some relaxation. This day is for you!

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