Is Your Teen’s Skin Back-to-School Ready? Is Yours?

Is Your Teen’s Skin Back-to-School Ready? Is Yours?

August is Teen Facial Season

It’s hard to believe August is already here. And if you have kids, that means back-to-school. As a parent, you’re focused on getting everything ready for your teen to go back to class, but have you thought about their skin?

That’s right. August is the time to think about getting your teen’s skin ready for school with a super-cleansing Teen Facial. Our Teen Facials provide excellent exfoliation of dead summer skin cells. And this specialized treatment gives them a big head-start on those annoying breakouts most teens battle with.

Teen Facials at Bella Vita Spa and Salon

Our Teen Facial gives your teen’s skin the most thorough and rejuvenating cleansing available. This specialized process helps your teen clean up and clear out those breakouts and congested skin. Our Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber will help blast those pores clean while making extractions less painful but super effective.

As a part of our service, your experienced Esthetician will educate your teen on how they can help keep their skin clear at home. If your teen has acne or severe pore congestion, your Esthetician may recommend the Acne/Deep Pore Cleansing Facial. Many teens see notable improvement after this deep cleansing treatment.

More Than Just a Facial

But we don’t stop there. As they leave, your teen will receive a customized treatment plan, along with samples of 5x Power Peel Resurfacing Towelette, Apricot Facial Scrub, and Nourish Daily Moisturizer.** We want every client to feel confident that they can continue their treatment plan at home. And we know you want to give them all the tools they need to start this school year with confidence!

Teen Facial – 45 minutes $60.00

What About You?

But the back-to-school season isn’t just about your teen. YOU need help to get your skin get back to where it was before the summer sun, humidity, and crazy “kids at home” madness took over! Bella Vita offers several new facials to help all skin types achieve this goal.

Your Bella Vita Facial

You’ll also experience the power of our new Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber. It’s the most effective tool we’ve ever seen to exfoliate and extract dirt and oils. Then as we go deeper to remove dead skin cells, our facial won’t leave your skin dry or irritated. And there’s no downtime.

Rapid Repair Peel

Our Rapid Repair Peel has a blend of acids and enzymes that treat dead cells and hyperpigmentation. The patented PolyPeptide Collagel Mask that’s applied to the face, targets fine lines and wrinkles and brightens age spots.

With Hydrolyzed collagen, growth factor peptides, hyaluronic acid, and a vitamin blend, this mask helps the skin stay moisturized while promoting the absorption of active ingredients. It just feels good! And as a bonus, you’ll take home samples of Hydropeptide Polypeptide Collagel + Eye Mask, Eye Cream, and Sunscreen as our gift to you.**

Rapid Repair Peel – 60 minutes $85.00

Acne/Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

Whether you have normal to dry, sensitive, or acneic skin, your go-to facial for an anti-aging/deep
cleansing treatment is the Acne/Deep Pore Cleansing Facial. This facial is customized with the products best suited for your skin issues while addressing exfoliation, extraction, and hydration.

Our Ultrasonic FacialScrubber exfoliates and extracts, in addition to Vitamin C, and possibly 5% Glycolic, depending on skin type. Your skin will be brighter, immediately clearer, and well hydrated without feeling oily. And as with our Rapid Repair Peel, you’ll take home free samples of Hydropeptide Polypeptide Collagel + Eye Mask, Eye Cream, and Sunscreen.**

Acne/Deep Pore Cleansing Facial – 60 minutes $75.00

Special: Book a Rapid Repair Peel or Acne/Deep Pore Clensing Facial and you’re automatically entered to win a FREE HydroPeptide Plump-and-Peel kit valued at $79.

Schedule Your Teen’s Facial (and one for you, too!)

Whether your teen has normal or acneic skin, now is the perfect time to schedule a back-to-school facial. And while you’re here, take care of your summer-ravaged skin as well. Call us today at 918-369-8482 and speak with one of our friendly, professional spa coordinators. Or, click here to schedule online. We look forward to seeing you at Bella Vita Spa and Salon in Tulsa/Bixby!

*Teen Facials are for clients 17 and younger

**All samples are available while supplies last


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