A Few Easy Ways to Thrive This Year and Accomplish Your Goals

A Few Easy Ways to Thrive This Year and Accomplish Your Goals

The year 2018 is long gone and we’re all looking forward to the endless possibilities that lie ahead of us! 


Every new year carries with it the hope of new opportunities, career moves, hobbies and experiences.  This year, your physical health and sense of well being will be vitally important in order to fully enjoy each exciting new moment.  Here are a few simple steps to keep your personal health going strong all year ‘round!

Fuel your body, Fuel your mind


Maximize your energy and sustain it by feeding your body the nutrition it needs.  

About this time every year, there are many new weight-loss trending diets on the rise.  If losing a couple pounds happens to be on your list of New Year’s Resolutions – you aren’t alone!  Just keep in mind that fad diets are no substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that dieting with harsh restrictions often leads to additional weight gain, causing more harm than good.  Achieving effective and long-term results will require that you remember:  food is meant to fuel both your body, and your mind!  So don’t forget to treat yourself from time to time.  Bring a balance to your plate this year and try incorporating a variety of different foods into your meal plan.

Don’t stress out


Did the whirlwind of the holidays leave you feeling slightly overwhelmed? If your tree is still standing, your sink full of dishes, and a pile of gifts is beginning to make your dining room table look like a dumping ground, try not to worry!  Many of us are finding ourselves facing financial strain, fatigue, and the pressures of New Year’s resolutions. Stress in small doses can motivate us to accomplish our tasks and get stuff done, but chronic stress left unchecked can actually cause health problems. This year, take the time to relieve some of that stress!  Practice breathing exercises, take time to rest, or try including a massage into your weekly or monthly routine!  At Bella Vita Spa & Salon, we offer a wide variety of massages that tend to many different needs and price ranges.  Click here to check it out for yourself.

Self Care


In order to get those goals met this year, self-care will be a necessity.  You certainly have many tasks to manage, such as looking after your family, your house, your job, your pets, and the demands can seem endless!  But without taking the time to invest in yourself as an equally significant priority, you’ll quickly find that burning out is inevitable. Find a little time to drop the kids off with a sitter, extend your lunch break, and make sure that you are taking excellent care of yourself so that you can give your very best to others.  Freshen up with a facial, keep your highlights bright and your nails shining! 

Drop by our salon or check out our website to view the treatments and specialties we offer. 

We’d love to empower you to remain at the top of your game and continue checking those to-do’s off of your lists, by celebrating your victories with you and reminding you that your needs are important too.

Now, you might be ready to take off at full speed and conquer a new mountain this year – or maybe, you’re thinking that it’s finally time for a little r&r after the rush of a busy holiday season.  

Either way, consistency is key to a fulfilling year and keeping yourself feeling great is a must!  We’re here to help.

Did you know that at BellaVita Spa and Salon, we offer recurring appointments to maintain an ongoing wellness routine throughout your entire year? 

Ensure that you stay sharp, motivated and healthy. Click here to set up an appointment with us today!



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